Why are stainless steel tubes deformed

October 31, 2023
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The stainless steel pipe will be deformed during processing. Generally, the processing is not in place, the steps are wrong, or the deformation occurs during use. This may be due to external erosion or extrusion. Let's talk about why the stainless steel pipe is deformed?


1. The first is the material defect of stainless steel pipe in production. Many materials will deform after being heated, and some materials will also deform under high pressure. In the process of using this product, it will also deform due to various reasons. Therefore, when users buy this product, they should first pay attention to its product materials. They not only need to make the materials have sufficient strength, but also need to see whether it can maintain stability under temperature.


2. The deformation of some stainless steel pipes is due to the failure of the manufacturer's production process. In the production of this product, whether it is the forming process or the surface treatment process, it also needs to meet certain requirements. If the manufacturer's process is not in place, the quality of the product will naturally decline, resulting in the deformation in its work. Of course, different products also have great differences in deformation time. For example, some products will deform just after installation, and some will deform after use for a period of time.


3. Of course, some stainless steel pipes are deformed due to aging during use, some aging is due to the shortcomings of the product itself, and some aging is due to the medium. For example, under high temperature, some scale will form outside the product, and the corrosion of this scale will eventually deform it and it will not be used further, This will also enhance the environmental and anti-aging properties of the product, but it requires manufacturers to improve their materials and processes simultaneously.