Carbon element enhances the deformation resistance and tensile strength of stainless steel mirror

June 6, 2022
Latest company news about Carbon element enhances the deformation resistance and tensile strength of stainless steel mirror

The welding performance of the 304 product is very good, it can be easily completed, and it is not easy to cause damage to the product itself. Due to its own plasticity and craftsmanship, 304 stainless steel has always been the darling of the entire steel market, but in fact, 304 has a brother 304L, many people do not understand the difference between 304 and 304L, the following editor will tell you Share the difference between the two. The big difference between 304 and 304L is that 304 has a much higher carbon content than the latter, so 304L will be better than 304 in terms of pitting corrosion resistance in solder joints or other aspects, and more corrosion resistant than 304. However, 304 is more widely used, and the myocardial infarction is more balanced in terms of workability, low temperature resistance, etc., and does not produce heat treatment hardening.

304 stainless steel plate is very widely used in applications. Its own performance and plasticity provide a variety of possibilities for processing and forming effects, and manufacturers and customers are also constantly developing various applications of 304 stainless steel plate. Today, Xiaobian will tell you about it. Talk about the use of 304 as a mirror material. To use 304 as a mirror material, firstly, the surface needs to be polished on the polishing equipment with abrasive liquid. The surface of the shift steel plate presents a clear and bright effect like a mirror. Generally, 304 stainless steel plate is used as a mirror material, mainly used in architectural decoration. , elevator scene layout, and the decoration of some electrical appliances, such as the Zimi mobile power supply released not long ago, uses 304 as the material to make a smooth and beautiful mirror surface.

Carbon element enhances the deformation resistance and tensile strength of stainless steel mirror panels

The stainless steel plate manufacturers are divided, and the fluctuations make it difficult for the stainless steel plate manufacturers to grasp the market trend in the later period. In the current weak environment of the domestic steel industry, short ideas still occupy the primary position of the manufacturers' operation, so the market price of imported mines Downside is inevitable. The stainless steel plate manufacturers remained weak and stable, and the transaction status of the shopping malls was slightly average. The raw material market continued to decline slowly this week, and although the low-end market improved near the weekend, the support for the pig iron market was still weak. The steel-making pig iron market is still sluggish. Although the downstream steel market is on the rise, the actual trend of the market is still weak. Some steel mills strictly control acquisitions, resulting in some shutdown iron mills delaying the resumption plan, and it is estimated that they will make plans to start construction later. The quotations in the foundry pig iron market are relatively chaotic, but the overall trend is still weak. The transaction status in the southern and northern regions varies, and most iron works are still at a loss. In summary, it is estimated that the weak form of the domestic pig iron market will be difficult to change next week. The domestic scrap steel market was volatile and the transaction was average. In the early part of the week, the quotations of scrap steel market in Liaoning region rose slightly, and the quotations in other regions did not change much, but the mentality improved.